CBD for depression and anxiety. Every time we know more evidence that shows it.

Numerous experiments have been performed that give us information about how CBD works in cases of depression and anxiety. One study in particular, using a double blind method, has induced fear in a group of 48 people. Then they have been administered CBD and the process of overcoming the anxiety produced has been improved. Therefore, the efficacy of CBD for the treatment of depression and anxiety could be affirmed. Experiments have managed doses between 30 and 600 mg, so we do not have enough information yet to determine what is the most appropriate dose in a treatment, it will always depend on the type of disease, concentration and weight of the patient. However, according to testimonies of patients who have consumed CBD oil, the intake of between 10 and 50 drops daily is enough to start noticing results.

It should be noted, on the other hand, that in these experiments CBD has not caused side effects. Thus, it is impossible to determine if similar benefits could provide us at lower doses, but we cannot rule out the beneficial effects that 1 to 15 mg (between 10 and 50 drops daily) could produce. These amounts are within your reach in drops of CBD oil (intake of between 10 and 50 drops per day depends on the amount of mg you want to ingest), available in the regular market. However, there is increasing evidence of the effectiveness of CBD for depression and anxiety. In numerous studies, a stimulus in the production of serotonin, a substance that exists in our brain and that regulates multiple functions of the organism, including mood and the feeling of happiness, is observed.

It is a fact that CBD has no side effects. Even at doses similar to other medications, there is no indication of cognitive dependence or impairment. Because benzodiazepine-based treatments, such as Diazepam, are legal despite the fatal side effects it causes. This leads us to consider CBD as a possible alternative treatment for anxiety or depression symptoms without added risks. Nothing to lose by trying it.


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