CBD oil is normally used as a medicinal treatment, but CBD Oil for orgasms is being used, most popularly in use as a lubricating oil and sexual stimulator.

Don’t you get to orgasm? Use CBD oil to have intense and lasting orgasms.

There are many women who live without being able to have a sexual relationship with explosive and complete orgasms. Many of these women may reach a similar climax, but never reach the final sensation of intense orgasm. This is the profile that can benefit most from CBD Oil for Orgasms.

From Todo CBD we encourage you to try CBD Oil as a stimulating and lubricating gel, in order to have more intense and lasting orgasms. This legal cannabinoid can give you the step you need to reach special orgasms. The use of this cannabinoid for sex has been fully tested by many users.

How to use CBD oil, as a sexual stimulator ?, I want to reach orgasm…

Although most think that consumption is, under the tongue, in this case we refer to its use externally. That is to say that CBD Oil should be used as a stimulating gel and used on the clitoris and lips of the vagina. Doing a small pre-intercourse massage on the mentioned points. You usually wait 5 minutes, which come very well in sexual pre-warming.

Will there be new sensations in the climax, with CBD oil?

The first sensations are of temperature increase and a relaxation of the vaginal muscles. You will probably notice a tingling in these muscles. Already in the sexual act you will notice different sensations more pleasant and lasting, so that you can reach orgasm much easier and with more intense and lasting sensations.

There are several sensations that many women tell us when they use CBD Oil for their sexual relations. We could emphasize first of all that each woman is different, but we can combine small details and comments such as increased comfort level and improvements in blood flow.

Cannabidiol or CBD oil, being a vasodilator, lowers blood pressure and increases pulsations, carrying more oxygen in the blood.

The most shared comment by all the women who have tried it.

The most shared comment among women who have tried it, was the increase in times they reached orgasm, and specified, that not any orgasms but special and intense orgasms.