With this article, “10 tips to quit smoking with CBD”, we will surprise you with a guide that, along with your own effort, will lead you to freedom.

We know that CBD oil can help you overcome nicotine addiction. But it is also true that we are not talking about a miracle compound. None of the known methods can guarantee 100% success in the arduous task of quitting tobacco. It must be combined with other activities and habits that ensure success in completely quitting tobacco use.

Here are ten tips, easily applicable, that will help you overcome withdrawal syndrome gradually and effortlessly, with the help of CBD or cannabidiol:

We will calm your anxiety with CBD. Your body does not receive its daily dose of nicotine. With CBD oil you will reduce the feeling of “need” which, as we all know, can be very difficult to control. Take five drops of CBD oil twice a day at least, you can increase the dose to double, it depends on how you feel, your body weight and the purity you manage.

CBD has no side effects, so we don’t need to worry about the dosage, just the proven result. In this way your brain will feel less pressured by the nicotine withdrawal syndrome.
You are going to want to smoke at some point, this is so, but you must resist. Tobacco addiction is there. When this happens, put five drops under the tongue, taste the product and try not to drink water until the flavor is very intense. CBD oil is good for your mucosa and will work on your brain reducing anxiety from smoking.

Don’t buy tobacco and try not to ask anyone. Do not have tobacco nearby, you must resist if you really want to quit smoking. Try to avoid smokers for at least the first two weeks. Occupy your mind with something different, a new book, a new sport, art … any activity that keeps you busy.

Do as much exercise as you can (aerobic especially, work your lungs). Change your routine, go walking to work for example. Avoid sedentary lifestyle and try spending more time outdoors, on the beach or in the country, where you don’t remember having to smoke.
It is very possible that at work you have colleagues who smoke. Routines from fellow smokers are sometimes created during breaks. It is a time to chat and become intimate with friends and colleagues, and to smoke. It may be time to try something new and fool your brain. The so-called electronic cigarette, actually a vaper, can be a good distraction for when you feel like smoking at times socially associated with tobacco use. Use now your electronic cigarette with e-liquid vaping with CBD.

We all know what happens when we drink alcohol. If you find yourself in a social situation where your brain, relaxed by alcohol, orders you to smoke and you can’t resist it, take your CBD oil with you and try putting five drops under your tongue. If you still feel like smoking, use the vaper loaded with CBD e-liquid to avoid relapsing into cigarette smoking.

You should eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, especially those that purify the lungs, such as broccoli. Drink purifying and relaxing teas to calm anxiety, and plenty of water to purify the body as much as possible. You must remove all toxic substances from your body, it is what causes your addiction.
Try drinking infusions of hemp tea to keep your body hydrated and your mind distracted from tobacco. Hemp tea has antioxidants, so it will help counteract the damage of smoking and keep you busy.

We know that it is difficult to quit smoking. If you can give it up completely the first time it means that your addiction is not as strong and that you have a powerful mind. If, on the other hand, it is very difficult for you, set short-term goals, for days, for weeks, a goal of one month, and count the cigarettes smoked for each week and month. Try to reduce tobacco use to less than half of cigarettes per week at the beginning. Count each cigarette you smoke in relapse as a step back that you have to go back to go as long as possible without smoking, from a month onwards as far as you can. To avoid relapse you should consume CBD oil and use the vape, so you can reduce anxiety.

Avoid situations that remind you of tobacco, change your habits, keep your mind busy, try to do something new and don’t give up. Sometimes your brain can play tricks on you. CBD oil regulates the body, calms anxiety and can be an effective support for quitting tobacco permanently.

Despite all these tips, we must tell you that you will only stop smoking if you really want to. These ten tips will help you face the first days and weeks, but the final result will depend on your tenacity and discipline. The vaper has been revealed as a good tool for quitting tobacco. This, together with CBD, generates a formula within reach, which can make the journey much easier, until you stop smoking indefinitely.

CBD oil helps you overcome anxiety, according to some studies, associated with tobacco withdrawal syndrome. In addition, the electronic cigarette with CBD e-liquid can be an effective support to get you quit smoking.

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