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Contact TodoCBD.es, web page on the disclosure and use of CBD or cannabidiol. Do not hesitate to write us for any type of doubt related to CBD or the CBD association. We work for now only in Spain.

Remember that we are a non-profit association, and that all the information on this website is not 100% officially corroborated, so we stick to making it clear that we do not sell any product on this website, this is an association created in 2017 on cannabinoids, their use and their dissemination.

The main objective of TodoCBD is to report on CBD as a cannabinoid and its derivatives such as Oil or creams. Throughout the web, we advise different companies to purchase the product if they feel like it, but we emphasize that we do not sell any miracle product. We do not need any charlatan to sell anything, since we only advise those companies that pass our quality controls.

We offer the public and our members this information for free.

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+34 693 012 256