Tatto Event, CBD oil

Convention event Todo CBD. 8-9-10 September. (Tattoo event, CDB oil)

This weekend we have been at the tattoo convention in the palace of fairs and congresses of Malaga. First of all, we want to thank the organizers and collaborators of the tattoo event that gave us the opportunity to attend the event, to be able to divulge our product. This organization treated us like family, always attentive to everything we were comfortable.

It’s our first event at a tattoo convention. All CBD has products related to hemp, in this case we offered CBD oil at 8% concentration in 10Ml cans. Cannabidiol, or CBD, has a great scarring and anti-inflammatory capacity. The fact that it reduces the inflammation of the tattoo area causes that less postilla is created and consequently this will take less ink in its healing process. This is really a link with the world of tattooing, but our field in general is health. And the use of these cannabinoids as natural therapy.

Our entire CBD project is based on the dissemination, use and sale of products derived from hemp and cannabis. We only sell products with CBD or cannabidiol, which have no side effects or psychoactive effects.
That is why we have been in this connection explaining to all visitors the benefits of CBD oil for health and for tattoos.
We do not want to end, without mentioning a battery of questions and answers that we have faced in these three days.

Is this marijuana? No, hemp is from the family of cannabis sativa, but it is not the so-called marijuana. It does not have the THC concentrations of marijuana. And it’s completely legal Is this smoked? Place? If you can smoke, we recommend separating the seeds, as they can cause headaches, but if it is smokable, it is in fact a very good substitute for tobacco.

what is it for? The answers that we used to include them are so wide that it is a palliative for many diseases, attacking the strong and chronic pains. That it served to de-stress and against anxiety also we usually explain, but it depends on each person. To culminate we always like to express that these cannabinoids are recognized by the body and act as a balance in many biological processes of our body.